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Essentials products to make your workplace safe & productive

BRiGS SiteSure brings you range of essentials products to make your workplace safe & productive. We offer wide range of products from spill management to gas safety, from machine safety to document management, from hand safety to high performance floor marking


Today's process plants has mix of Hazardous Chemicals, Asset intensive operations, critical equipments, enhanced compliances around EHS, globalisation & other critical needs. If you are a part of petroleum refinery, chemical manufacturing facility, chemical logistic services, food processing plants or any other process facility having mix of critical equipments & processes, it is very important to maintain safe & complaint environment profitably.

Pipe marking stickers and labels

Pipe Markers

  • Have a clear understanding of what is running through complex pipe lines, cut down breakdown time
Spill pallets for chemical spills

Spill Pallets

  • Indigenously Developed
  • India's largest range of Spill Containment deck & Spill Pallets
Evacuation safety management solutions

Evacuation Safety

  • Fire represents one of the biggest workplace safety threats. An effective fire evacuation plan and VisuallyACTIVE workplace are the basic essentials for having efficient, safe & productive workplace.
Permit station image

Permit Station

  • The transparent window make it easy to view permits, procedures
  • Rugged construction for on site location
  • Provision to place lock to secure under control
SOP holder image

SOP Holders

  • Organize, protect & display right information at the right place
  • Display critical information such as MSDS, SOP, OPL etc.
Earthing pit label image

Earth Pit Labels

  • Durable solution for outdoor conditions
  • UV resistant
  • Graffiti resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
Snap frame for visual SOP, permit

Snap Frame

  • Q-Signs are thoughtfully designed industrial posters with an objective to educate, inform and motivate
  • Posters can be changed on a regular basis
Safety signs for manufacturing factory

GID Signs

  • High quality safety signs, adhearing to industry safety standards
  • Customized for your environment and application
LED Signs for hazard and safety management

LED Signs

  • Proximity delection and collision warning - anti-collision systems, Forklift safety, Crane safety
  • Projected walkway and lanes, visual sign projectors
Floor marking stickers and labels

Floor markers

  • Handle pedestrian traffic, withstand water and chemical spills, and resist UV damage
  • Aisle markers
  • Pathway designations
  • Hazard stripes
GHS label

GHS Labels

  • High quality safety signs, adhearing to industry safety standards
  • Customized for your environment and application
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SDS Station

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